MHCLG - Video 1 - SUBS

Hannah Toor
9 months agoApril 28, 2021
It's really positive to see just how each individual character and personality is valued in the organisation. It's so positive to see how diverse the workforce is, this shows an inclusive workforce and also a workforce with many different skills and talents.
Shelly McLaren
9 months agoMay 14, 2021
This clip is encouraging and positive and makes me want to work for an organisation that promotes everything I personally stand for. The pool of different diversities and talents is inspiring.
Claire Lucas
9 months agoMay 17, 2021
I am currently in the process of filing an application for this department. Watching this video has concreted my decision to want to join. With its strong emphasis on inclusion and diversity it will not miss passionate and talented people, who can really make a difference to individuals lives.
Ian Calder
8 months agoJune 1, 2021
How wonderful to see diversity and difference celebrated, all the participants in this video comment on inclusion and a sense of belonging. The video tells an encouraging and exciting story of a diverse workforce serving diverse communities
Jermaine Seaton
8 months agoJune 4, 2021
Brilliant video feels genuine and inclusive which is very important to me. The members want to bring positive change to the foundation which were set before. MHCLG would be a great department to work within.
Paul Merron
8 months agoJune 14, 2021
What an inspiring group of people! I have been homeless and had to sofa surf for a couple of years and pleased to see a caring positive attitude from the staff shown on this video.
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